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This is Elisa Siciliano, nice to see you (later, on Google Analytics of course) welcome on my website!

Well, maybe I can start with something about myself… I am smart, gorgeous, amazing and modest.
Here you can look at my face, I have these two green eyes able to see every details and this smiling mouth able to tell you everything you could ever dream of, for example “I’ve already solved that problem”


Do you prefer left or right?
I’m a dedicated worker and a people person, I enjoy working in team and I also like to be in contact with pubic, even more when my task is to be the PR of a company!


I graduated some years ago from the University of Padua in International Economics, and here I was so lucky to discover the marvelous faces of Marketing and Statistics! I was so enthusiastic and I went in Venice, where I graduated from Ca’ Foscari University with a BA in Marketing and Communication.

I was such a good student, so my Professor (director of VIU Venice International Univesity) decided to let me participate in the Globalization Program. It was a GREAT experience, for four months I lived in Shanghai, walk a lot, talk with so many people, discover new amazing place and ways of life. Finally I moved back to Italy and wrote my 300-pages-thesis about Creative Clusters in Shanghai and they give me back a piece of paper 110 e lode!


I was 17 years old, I didn’t like kids, so I decided to take a train and go to the south of Italy and during the summer I was responsible for the Mini Club in a Resort, close to sea. This experience was great, it taught me how to work hard 20/24 hours per day, how to smile when I was tired, how to became friend of thousand people every week. Nice, and more or less, I’m still doing it during the International tourism fairs…

Well, while I studied at the university I worked into the Customer relationship department of a big car dealership, I made these COLD CALL all the time, asking questions to customers and once a month I had to discuss all the weakness and strengths of the company with the management and my colleagues.

After I graduated in Marketing & Communication I decided to mix my two passions: IT & Marketing, so I discover the amazing world of Searching Engine Optimization, I became a sort of poet because I became the copywriter of the company, I studied a lot to understand Google and its algorithms! It was challenging and rewarding, we had a lot of customers but while I was studying I discover the amazing world of Social Media!

I started with Venezia da Vivere, a great company, my director is a great woman, she has created everything with her crew and she is still doing an efficient work, you can google it and see! I was a sort of copywriter, social media executive, event supervisor in Venice and its mainland.

MY FREELANCE CAREER! What have you done?!?!! Yes, it was challenging everyday, I made web marketing projects, discuss about everything to find nexus between different point of view and so on. Nice projects, but finally I preferred to choose only one company and I developed the whole project with the management and a web designer, it is still online, luxormagazine.ru

My last experience is one of the best I have ever had in my life, I had a lot of responsibilities, I forgot completely my private life, but it worth! Villa Condulmer, 5 star hotel, located close to Venice, a masterpiece of art! I created some of the most useful business models, help management to define the best marketing and communication strategies to promote their services and products, I travel a lot because of the International tourism fairs.

Nowadays I’m the Event executive and Social Media intern at Salotti del Gusto, a great brand created by Raffaella Corsi and Alessandro Domanda. Their sponsor and customers are very happy and we have to work hard day by day to create amazing gourmet experiences.

Ph credits: Lorenzo Gelmini