Marketing is my life

The best way to work hard is to love your job
I know it's hard but it's worth it

I am from Venice - Italy, such a nice place! I love travelling, take pictures, eat a lot of good food, discover new places and talk with new people, I love shopping when it is cheap, I love my small house, the extraordinary view from the windows, and I love my job.

Do you have any expectations? I prefer to create events rather than wait somebody else doing it. That's why I'm willing to make decisions and work hard. When I have some doubts I ask questions and I discuss with clever people about strategies and the best practices to use.

I always say good morning, thank you, sorry, can you please, and I always smile. Thise are the most important things, because your team is your strenght.

  • Social Media Marketing

    web marketing stategist and executive

  • Event & PR

    event executive and social PR

  • Marketing analysis

    create and monitoring

  • Happiness

    passion and devotion

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